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The energy storage industry is a pillar industry and strong force in the advancement of energy infrastructure. It has broad applications in various areas such as traditional power generation, electricity transmission and distribution, electricity demand-side, ancillary services, and joining up with renewable energy sources.

Based on incomparable safety, very competitive cost advantages, products’ long-life and high efficiency features - our priority is the deployment of our technology and services in area such as clean and efficient fossil fuel usage, distributed energy and smart grid applications, advanced and secured nuclear power. In the meantime, we will provide supporting services for the promotion and expansion of different types of clean energy industries such as wind and solar.

We have unique advantages in complicated and special geographical locations and environments. Our products have exhibited excellent performance on islands and plateaus, in deserts, as well as under water and in tunnels and closed environments.

Supplemented with a scientific battery management system, we enable our industrial and commercial customers to upgrade and convert traditional power systems, especially for large volume energy storage.