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The company’s name “Arohora” is a combination of aurora, Sahara (the largest desert in the world) and aloha (hello in Hawaiian). It represents the application features and excellent qualities of our energy storage products which can be applied in a wide array of scenarios such as extreme cold or heat, and humid island environments.

Our logo is three circles in warm colors of orange, yellow and white. On the one hand, it represents that solid batteries for energy storage are operated at high temperature, while on the other hand, it represents our three-dimensional development path in solid energy storage field: one generation of production, one generation of reservation, and one generation of R&D. More importantly, it represents the company’s warm attitude toward our staff, customers and both natural and social environments.

A secure, stable, flexible and efficiently distributed energy system can achieve not only dynamic and balanced supply according to the needs in different application scenarios, but also build up friendly and harmonic interactive relations between people and the environment. This makes every energy consumer also a manager and producer of energy on his/her own initiative. The aim is to achieve green and sustainable development of the human condition while increasing security and accountability.

Optimization of energy structure, increasing energy efficiency, and lowering energy systematic costs are inevitable trends and necessary choices of the energy industry. Based on such belief and culture, we strive to provide high quality energy services to our customers and the society through continuously improved quality of our products and services.