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Our technological research and development team is predominantly comprised of a group of researchers from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics CAS, led by Mr. Wen Zhaoyin. This has enabled us to own China’s only production line of sodium/metal chloride batteries for energy storage with complete independent intellectual property rights, and to have continuous research and development capabilities for the technology of safe energy storage in a solid state.

For decades, Professor Wen Zhaoyin has been engaged in the core research and technological development of solid ion conductors and  safe batteries for energy storage. Mr. Wen has undertaken over 50 major projects in this field. As a leading scientist, he actively and effectively promotes the development of solid ion research in China and Asia. He is responsible for the successful development of large size sodium ion conductive ceramic tubing with perfect circularity, the high security sodium chloride battery, and its overall   technology.

Our key members, who are all from well-known Chinese universities, research institutions and renowned enterprises such as China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Aviation Industry Corporation of China Ltd. and Bosch, have abundant experience in production and manufacturing as well as putting scientific research into practice. .